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Manufacturing Capacities

Roller Capacity
Stripping 900mm Swing x 5000mm Between Centres
4 tonnes
Shot-blast 787mm Swing x 6477mm Between Centres
4 tonnes
Rubber covering 1219mm swing x 6477mm between centres
4.5 tonnes (Extruded or sheet wrapped)
Polyurethane covering 965mm swing x 4950mm between centres
4.5 tonnes
Curing Autoclave dimensions 1676mm diameter x 6700mm
Largest rollers approximately 1300mm diameter x 6500mm
4.5 tonnes
Pre-turning 900mm swing x 5000mm between centres - 4 tonnes
1016mm swing x 4900mm between centres - 4.5 tonnes
Finished grinding 900mm swing x 5475mm between centres - 9 tonnes
965mm swing x 4318mm between centres - 2 tonnes
Parallel, tapered and crowned/cambered
High polish finishes
Polishing 900mm swing x 5000mm between centres - 4 tonnes
Annular, helical, diamond and special grooving
Grooving 559mm swing x 3467mm between centres - 2 tonnes
Annular, helical, diamond and special grooving
Rubber compounding Standard or special purpose
Customised formulations developed
Calendered sheet Up to 1800mm wide and 3mm thick
Extrudable sheet Supplied to meet your requirements
Rubber slab Supplied to meet your requirements


Engineering Capacities

Engineering Capacity
Turning 698mm swing x 4546mm between centres - 2 tonnes
Cylindrical Grinding 330mm swing x 2032mm between grinding centres - 2 tonnes
Milling Radial milling to 406mm swing
Welding Rotary tables and jigs to 4000mm (Arc & Mig)
Dynamic Balancing 600mm swing x 4000mm bed length - 1 tonne



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