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Metals Market

Just Rollers has many years experience in supplying high performance roller coverings to the various metals producers around the world. Even through difficult and challenging times, where the industry demanded improved performance and longer roller lifetimes at reduced costs, Just Rollers are leading the way.

We supply both rubber and polyurethane covered rollers but also hardened, chromed and tungsten carbide finished rollers to suit various process conditions in the line. For example: wringer rollers, applicator rollers, sink rollers, bridle rollers, accumulator rollers and embossing rollers to name a few.

Most metal strip converting and coating lines are equipped with degreasing and pickling stations which submit the rubber and polyurethane covered rollers to extreme chemical and mechanical stresses in operation. In collaboration with our extensive customer base, we have developed novel products such as Super DurableTM , which has been designed specifically for use in both the caustic and acidic environments that are present in the chemical treatment of steel, aluminium and other metal strips.

The progression towards value added strip products has led to an increased importance in coating applications. With superior surface finish characteristics and exceptional, uniform transfer, Coatmate® has been a revolution in the industry.

Whether you are processing steel, aluminium or other non-ferrous metals, we will have the roller products to give you the lead in a competitive market place.



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