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Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) Market

In a world where quality and reliability are expected as a given, original equipment manufacturers have a greater need to rely on the expertise of their suppliers for more than just the products they are acquiring. We understand this relationship and work hand in hand with our OEM customers, offering advice, input at design stages and ongoing technical support, to ensure both the customer's product, and our roller coverings are working to their full potential.

Just Rollers work with a number of technically demanding world class OEM companies, who manufacture machinery for a global market place in converting industries, such as slitting-rewinding, laminating, coating, metalising and printing. With the cooperation and guidance of these companies, we have been able to create and develop some very specific compounds for advanced manufacturing process lines around the world.

Coupled with this, we are able to offer combination coatings, precision ground profiles, and a vast range of detailed groove patterns, including diamond, spiral, chevron, super-spreader, and lorrig-slit to name a few.

With our ability to supply the complete product, from metal and composite stocks to finished roller, our understanding of quality standards, such as dynamic balancing and measurable surface finishes, Just Rollers is leading the way as a consistent world class OEM partner.



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